Attractions of our hotel

In the premises of the establishment Borcz there is the biggest Polish factory selling ecologically washed high quality and sorted plumage and down – the company Polskie Pierze i Puch. We offer you excellent products such as duvets and pillows, which you can buy from us at manufacturer’s prices with 5% discount. We also organize trips around the factory for bigger groups of visitors.
For group reservations we have a swimming-pool and saunas at your disposal.
For people enjoying active repose, we propose horse-riding or organizing a western show.
There is also a park with a pond belonging to the hotel. It is possible to organize a barbecue meeting there.

Every guest will find here something attractive.

*Stone circles in Babi Dól constituting historic graveyard of Goths who came to the Kashubian Lakeland from Scandinavia, from the first century AD. It is also a place where sacrifices were made, probably including also human sacrifices. To the graveyard you can get by a delimited bicycle path,
* The viewpoint Wiezyca (the highest peak in the Kashubian region with a viewing tower – 328,3m over the sea level) from which a beautiful view of Szwajcaria Kaszubska unfolds,
* Kashubian Etnographic Park in Wdzydze Kiszewskie – a heritage park of old Kashubian buildings,
* Kashubian Museum in Kartuzy with monuments of beautiful folk art,
* Monastic Church in Kartuzy,
* Railway Museum in Koscierzyna – a heritage park of old rail vehicles,
* The factory of table porcelain “Lubiana” in “Lubiana” – the most modern factory of table porcelain in Europe. There is a possibility to visit and buy magnificent sets of porcelain in the factory shop,
* The Heritage Place of Wood Building, The Siberian Deportee House, the famous “Upside-down House” in Szymbark.