Kashubian restaurant


The diversity and distinctiveness of dishes in Polish cuisine is a result of different conditionings of specific regions. Kashubian cuisine is certainly one of the most original. Those unbelievably simple and tasty dishes, such as herring dishes or Kashubian beetroot soup with mushrooms, will undoubtedly delight every banqueter in the cuisine of the north region of Poland. Kashubian cuisine entrances with the flavour of fish, mushrooms and goose. The restaurant has a rich selection of splendid wines from all over the world. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the menu of Restaurant Spichrz.



Dumplings served with clear beetroot soup

1. Herring prepared in three ways
2. Roulade from salmon with spinach
3. A board of roast meat with home-made marinades
4. Pâté Goose pate with pickles with homemade pantry

The restaurant is open:

od 12:00 do 21:00 from Sunday up to Thursday,
od 12:00 do 21:00 from Friday up to Saturday